Some more about me

After years working in business, I decided to retrain as a psychotherapist and  I have never looked back. The most fulfilling thing is what I do now; working together with people facing life’s struggles and seeing if we can untangle things together.

Although I am very flexible in my approach, I work mostly within an existential framework meaning that I place my emphasis on the way the client sees themselves in the world and during my therapy I try to enter into that world with him or her, while remaining aware of the assumptions I may have about their world. I don’t see anxiety as something to be escaped but instead explored. This I believe has tremendous impact on therapy and the depathologizing of the ‘human condition’. This goes hand in hand with the acceptance of limit situations such as death, illness, doubt, etc. I also believe that Carl Rogers core conditions should be a basis for every type of therapy: who does not want a therapist who is empathic, non judgemental and genuine?